Feroze Khan, a young Pakistani actress born on July 11, 1990, in Pakistan, is the highest-paid actor in Pakistan He has acted in many Pakistani dramas and telefilms and also raps. He is one of the most popular actors in Pakistan and has won many awards. Feroze started his career in 2014 with Bakhra Mera Naseeb after he worked on a project by Hum TV’s romantic Gole Raana in 2015, which was nominated for the fifth Hum Award, after which she gained much attention. He is a very handsome actor with a perfect personality. Feroze Khan Biography

Feroze Khan’s age

Feroza Khan was born on July 11, 1990, in Quetta, Pakistan, His father is a Pashtun and his mother is a Punjabi woman. As of 2024, the age of Feroz Khanha is 33 years and he has a beautiful figure Even at this age, he is famous in Pakistan and many other countries because of his acting. And he is a very fit and healthy person. He also keeps sharing his fitness videos and pictures on his social media account.

Feroze Khan Family

Feroze Khan’s father’s name was Aqeel Amjad and his mother’s name was Sofia Malik He has five siblings, Humaima Malick Malik and Dua Malik, who are related to the industry, and he has one brother whose name is Allay Malik and there is no information about the rest And he loves their family very much and also uploads lots of nice and beautiful pictures on social media with their family. They are found together outside places. They are a very nice, loving family

Feroze Khan’s First Wife

Feroze Khan married Syeda Aliza Shah Fatima Raza in 2018, which was his arranged marriage. But, the couple shared many pictures on social media, and they were living their life happily. According to some reports, Feroza Khan went to court in Karachi in September 2022. But, after a few days, Feroze Khan clarified on social media that he and his wife had separated and that the final date of their divorce was September 3, 2022. And now they are living apart from each other.

Feroze Khan’s Second Wife

Feroza Khan surprised his fans by uploading some pictures in 2024۔ He was dressed like a bridegroom. However, there was a bride with them, which shows that they are married. Which seemed like a good pairing The name of Feroze Khan’s second wife is not confirmed. while many fans were very surprised to hear this news and the news channel gave details about it Many social media stars and television stars congratulated and wished them a lot on their marriage.

Feroze Khan’s Children

Feroz Khana and his ex-wife, Ali Zay Fatima, have two children. The first child is a boy who was born in 2019 named Muhammad Sultan and on February 14, 2022, the second child was born in the house of Feroz Khan. There was a girl whose name was Fatima Khan. Before the divorce of Feroz Khan, there were very cute pictures of the two children with their parents on social media. And he loves his children very much

Feroze Khan’s Religion

Feroz Khan, who is a Pakistani actor, belongs to a Muslim family, He has gone for Umrah many times, and he also performed Umrah with his parents, family, wife, and children, He also uploaded pictures of this prayer on his social media. But, they keep on doing and praying, etc. Feroze is Muslim with a good and true heart, and they follow the Islamic religion from the heart. He is a very kind and loving person. He shows his kindness to poor people and many of his fans.

Feroze Khan’s net worth

The leading figure in Pakistani entertainment, Feroze Khan, has accumulated a substantial net worth, estimated to be between USD 5 million and USD 9 million. However, his flourishing career in movies and television is the reason for his financial prosperity. With his captivating performances in popular dramas like “Khaani” and “Ishqiya,” Khan has become a formidable presence on screen. Undoubtedly, his major parts have brought him high fees, which has added a substantial amount to his riches. However, he makes more money than just acting. His total net worth probably includes prospective commercial opportunities and brand endorsements.

Feroze Khan’s Height and Weight

About Feroze Khan’s height, there appears to be some disparity. At 5 feet 10 ¾ inches (1.80 meters) tall, Feroze Khan is described by IMDb. Nonetheless, he is described as being approximately 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall in other accounts. Feroze Khan exudes confidence in his physical appearance, which accentuates his on-screen persona, regardless of his precise stature.

Feroze Khan’s Career

The career of Feroze Khan in Pakistan’s entertainment business is one of outstanding achievement and continuous ascent. This is a summary of his professional journey:

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Feroze Khan’s Achievements

One can examine Feroze Khan’s accomplishments in the Pakistani entertainment sector from various perspectives:

Success on Television:

Popularity and Breakthrough: One significant turning point in his career came when he landed a leading part in the popular drama “Gul-e-Rana” in 2015. He received critical praise and was nominated for a Hum Award for Best Actor Popular.
But, he cemented his position in the industry by going on to star in popular television dramas like “Chup Raho” and “Tumse Mil Kay.”.
The role he played as Mir Hadi in the 2017 film “Khaani” was pivotal, catapulting him into the spotlight and netting him the Lux Style Awards’ Best Actor trophy.

Flexibility and an Engaging Audience:

But, Khan’s ability to play a variety of roles has demonstrated his range. From the nuanced Mir Hadi to the endearing hero in “Ishqiya,” he captures the attention of viewers.
Recent roles in “Dil Tera Hogaya” and “Khumar” demonstrate his versatility as a character actor.

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